Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is very popular amongst my clients and, as a real masochist, something I love to cater to. I take pleasure in taking the pain for you and will not complain. It’s not about having done something wrong or needing to be punished (though punishment can be the scenario); I give myself to you and my Mistress because I want to. Every mark on my bottom is a sign of devotion and visible proof of the pain I have taken for you. 

Different implements and areas

I am happy to receive the following implements in the following areas:

  • Spanking (bottom, thighs) 
  • Paddles and straps (bottom)
  • Flogger (bottom, back, breasts)
  • Cane (bottom, feet)
  • Tawse (bottom, hands)
  • Belt (bottom) 
  • Whips (bottom, back) 

Give me corporal punishment alongside my Mistress

I am very happy to session with you alongside my Mistress where you can both discipline me. She knows exactly how much I can take and can answer your requests of certain implements. 

It’s also possible for you to discipline me alone, while my Mistress is present but does not participate. If this is the case, you will get a discounted rate. 

Get corporal punishment alongside me

Have you always wanted to be watched by a female submissive while receiving corporal punishment from a Mistress? You can get punished while I watch, knowing I will be next or you can watch me get disciplined in the knowledge that you will be next. 

We can show my Mistress our devotion by pleasing her by taking the pain without complaining. Or we can be punished for stepping out of line, and will not be forgiven until our bottoms are suitably sore.

Example scenarios:

In this scenario, the client and Mila are friends and they have come to see Mistress Roxy, and ask her if she could cane them. They both enjoy getting caned and want to watch each other getting caned.

You want to take a lot of pain and take a certain amount of strokes. But when you start getting hit, you no longer think you can do it. 

I will take the same amount of strokes that you need to take. You may feel like you can take no more, but will you really give up before I do? 

I will help ensure you can take 50 strokes because I will take the same amount as you. 

And if you or I give in before the other a punishment awaits.