As a submissive, I constantly engage in roleplay with my Mistress. I am her Slave and address her by her title and complete certain tasks on a daily basis. You can be her Slave alongside me during the duration of our session. This can be combined with a Slave training scenario or an act of devotion by taking corporal punishment for her or, a more sensual, soft alternative by worshipping her.

We also offer other types of roleplay. I can take on the role of a schoolgirl, a prisoner, a junior teacher, a maid, a pet or a medical patient and I will wear the appropriate attire. You can be the Master, Headteacher, Doctor or Prison Guard alongside my Mistress. Or or you can be the slave, schoolboy or girl, maid, patient or prisoner alongside me.

Roleplay will be designed to fit your fantasy. Every imagination is different and we will help you step into a world where your fantasy becomes reality.


Example roleplay scenarios:

In this scenario, the client takes on the role of the headmaster, Miss Roxy is a headteacher and Mila a junior teacher. Mila is called in because her performance has been inadequate. Miss Roxy is responsible for Mila, and is being interviewed by the headmaster about Mila’s performance. Together, the headmaster and Miss Roxy decide how to discipline Mila. She receives an OTK spanking, several paddles and a cane.

In this scenario, the client dresses up as a schoolgirl and goes by the name Morgan.

Miss Roxy calls Schoolgirl Morgan and Mila into the classroom. Morgan has been caught bullying another student, and is informed that she will now get the same treatment from Mila. Miss Roxy instructs Mila to spank Morgan and then leaves the classroom for a moment. Mila starts spanking Morgan severely and upon Miss Roxy’s return, she is shocked to find out about the severity of Mila’s spanking. Both schoolgirls are told to stand up and are informed that they will be disciplined with several paddles, a cane and a tawse. Detention will not be over until their bottoms are very sore.

In this scenario, Mila has been dressed in a maid costume and is to undergo maid training under the watchful eyes of You and  Mistress Roxy. Or alternatively, you and Mila are both receiving maid training. 

In the maid costume, the maid’s arms will be handcuffed behind her back and given a cloth in her mouth with which she has to clean surfaces. 

If she is not fast or adequate enough, discipline and correction will follow. 

As the maid is cleaning the floor, drops of spit from Mistress Roxy keep falling to the floor. 

While the maid tries to clean everything off the floor, her butt is pointed upwards and exposed. 

Midway through training, the cloth will be replaced by a brush that the maid has to hold in her mouth with her teeth. And if she doesn’t hurry up, maybe the brush will end up in her ass! 


School Setting

School roleplay is the most popular form of roleplay amongst my clients. I own a pinafore dress, traditional school shoes and have access to traditional canes and tawses. The session can take place from a schoolroom and can include disciplinary methods and rituals such as writing lines, corner time and being led by the ear.

If your desired roleplay scenario has not been listed, feel free to enquire about the scenario you would like to play out.